North Carolina Communicable Disease Manual


Pertussis Resources

  1. LHD Disease Investigation Steps (PDF)
  2. Pertussis Investigation Overview (PDF)
  3. Pertussis Case Definition (PDF)
  4. Pertussis Case Definition Chart (PDF)
  5. Pertussis Broad Notification Sample Letter (English, Spanish) (Word)
  6. Pertussis Contact Notification Sample Letter (English, Spanish) (Word)
  7. Pertussis Contact Investigation Worksheet (Excel)
  8. CDC Pertussis Fact Sheet, English (PDF)
  9. CDC Pertussis Fact Sheet, Spanish (PDF)
  10. Local Health Department Strategies to Address Increasing Incidence of Pertussis (PDF)
  11. Pertussis Monthly Report (see blue box on right side of linked page)
  12. Recommended Antimicrobial Agents for Treatment and Postexposure Prophylaxis of Pertussis, 2005 CDC Guidelines (PDF)
  13. Pertussis Diagnostic Testing: Information for Local Health Departments and Providers (PDF)
  14. Pertussis Outbreak Screening Flowchart (PDF)