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HIV/STD Prevention Community Planning

The purpose of HIV/STD Prevention Community Planning is to improve HIV/STD prevention programs by strengthening the: (1) scientific basis; (2) community relevance; and (3) population- or risk-based focus of HIV/STD prevention interventions in each project area. Beginning in 1994, CDC changed the manner in which federally-funded HIV/STD prevention programs were planned and implemented. State, territorial, and local health departments receiving federal prevention funds through CDC were asked to share with representatives of affected communities and other technical experts, the responsibility for developing a comprehensive HIV prevention plan using a process called HIV Prevention Community Planning.

The basic intent of the process has been threefold:

  • To increase meaningful community involvement in prevention planning;
  • To improve the scientific basis of program decisions; and
  • To target resources to those communities at highest risk for HIV/STD transmission/acquisition.

The Statewide Community Planning Group (SCPG) identifies the following populations in North Carolina as priorities for health education and risk reduction services:

  • Individuals living with HIV/AIDS;
  • Men who have sex with men;
  • Heterosexuals; and
  • Injecting drug users.