North Carolina Communicable Disease Manual


Ebola Contact Tracing, DGMQ Traveler Notification and Monitoring and Movement Documents

Document ID Ebola Document Name Ebola Document Description
-- N.C. Ebola Response Document Guide (PDF)  
A N.C. Contact Tracing Procedures (PDF, Word) (1/21/2015) Contact Tracing Investigation Documents
C N.C. Contact Investigation Questionnaire (PDF, Word) (1/21/2015)
E N.C. Case Investigation Form (PDF, Word) (1/21/2015)
E1 N.C. Case Investigation Form: Supplemental Activity Log (PDF, Word) (1/7/2015)
E2 N.C. Case Investigation Form: Supplemental List of Community Contacts (PDF, Word) (1/7/2015)
E3 N.C. Case Investigation Form: Supplemental List of Occupational Contacts (PDF, Word) (1/7/2015)
F N.C. Contact Tracing Checklist (PDF, Word) (1/12/2015)
J Traveler Risk Assessment Questionnaire (PDF, Word) (01/12/2015) DGMQ Traveler Notification Document
-- CD Program Alert 8 (Local Health Department Guidance for Evaluation and Management of Persons with Potential Ebola Virus Exposure) (PDF) (6/15/2015) Monitoring and Movement Documents
-- Non-Compliance Checklist for Persons Under Monitoring (Word) (2/12/15)
-- Ebola Isolation Order Template (Word) (11/6/2014)
D1 N.C. Monitoring Instructions for the Local Health Department (PDF, Word) (1/22/2015)
D2 N.C. Information for Persons under Monitoring (PDF, Word) (1/7/2015)
D3 Removed: D3 content has been incorporated into document D2
D4 N.C. Ebola Symptom Monitoring Log (PDF) (1/7/2015)
D5 N.C. Visitor and Public Venue Log (PDF, Word) (1/12/2015)
D6 Control Measures for Persons with Possible Exposure to Ebola (Word) (1/7/2015)
D2-D5 D2-D5 French and Spanish Translations
-- Person Under Investigation (PUI) Form (PDF) (11/18/2014) Optional CDC Documents
-- Generic End of Monitoring Letter (Word) (12/18/2014)
-- N.C. Ebola Exposure Event Tabletop Exercises Training Materials for Contact Tracing