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Import/Export Requirements for Dogs, Cats & Ferrets

The North Carolina Division of Public Health has historically managed importation requirements for dogs, cats and ferrets while the NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (NCDA&CS) has managed all other species. The NC DPH is officially eliminating the requirement for incoming dogs/cats/ferrets to be accompanied by an ICVI (health certificate). ICVIs are still required for other species in accordance with NCDA&CS rules. Information on how to access electronic ICVIs for dogs, cats and ferrets is available from NCDA&CS’s Veterinary Division.

  1. For dogs, cats, and ferrets
    1. Imports into North Carolina
      1. Interstate Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (ICVIs) are no longer required for dogs, cats and ferrets for entry into North Carolina. The only requirement for these animals is that they be currently vaccinated against rabies when entering the state, or receive a rabies vaccination within one week of entry (if of appropriate age) in accordance with NCGS 130A-185 and 130A-193.
    2. Exports
      1. ICVIs are required for dogs, cats and ferrets traveling to other states, if required by the district, state or territory of destination. Check with the destination’s animal importation authority for requirements. Once the ICVI is completed please distribute copies as follows:
        1. Retain one copy for your records,
        2. Provide one copy to the owner, and
        3. Send one copy to the district, state or territory of destination animal importation authority.
    3. International Exports
      1. For international animal exportation please refer to guidance from the USDA.
  2. For all other species (including livestock and horses)
    1. Imports into North Carolina: ICVIs are required for entry into NC per the requirements of the NCDA&CS.
    2. Exports: ICVIs for animals exiting the state are required according to the rules and regulations of the district, state or territory of destination.

Please refer to our Veterinary Public Health website for other information regarding rabies.