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Electronic Laboratory Reporting

Reporting Results for Non-N.C. Residents

When a hospital laboratory in North Carolina performs a communicable disease or blood lead test and the test result is reportable under N.C. law, the laboratory is required to report that result to public health authorities in North Carolina, regardless of whether the patient is a resident of North Carolina or of another state. Therefore, the hospital laboratory should include the reportable results for out-of-state patients in the ELR to NC EDSS. For out-of-state patients, the N.C. Division of Public Health would forward lab findings that are pertinent to the other state's public health authority (currently by means other than ELR).

The above does not preclude a hospital laboratory from entering into a voluntary agreement with a public health authority in another state to send lab results that meet reporting criteria of that other jurisdiction, for residents of that jurisdiction, directly to that authority (in addition to sending the lab results to NC EDSS).