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SARS Response Plan (Archival)

The North Carolina SARS Response Plan covers surveillance for the disease, preparedness in health care facilities, containing the disease, managing international travel risk, laboratory diagnosis, infection control, and communication. Although currently there are no known cases of SARS transmission anywhere in the world, DPH provides the North Carolina SARS Response Plan for reference.

Title PDF
Cover Letter View (28KB)
Title Page and Contents View (114KB)
Glossary View (18KB)
Supplement A: Command and Control View (79KB)
Supplement B: SARS Surveillance View (104KB)
Supplement C: Preparedness in Healthcare Facilities View (265KB)
Supplement D: Community Containment Measures, Including Non-Hospital Isolation and Quarantine View (124KB)
Supplement E: Prevention of International Travel-Related Risk View (68KB)
Supplement F: Laboratory Diagnosis View (157KB)
Supplement G: Communication View (141KB)
List of Appendices View (15KB)
Appendix A
A-1: Appendix 7 to Annex B NC Emergency Operations Plan View (121KB)
A-2: SARS Matrix for NC Public Health Preparedness and Response View (49KB)
A-3: Epidemiology Section Information Management Matrix View (135KB)
Appendix B
B-1: Contact Tracing Line List View (31KB)
Appendix C
C-1: Special Airborne/Contact Precautions View (93KB)
C-2: Visitor Sign View (56KB)
C-3: Risk Factor Screening Tool View (56KB)
C-4: Monitoring Tool for Exposed Staff and Patients View (51KB)
C-5: MMWR CDC Case Definitions 12/12/03 View (240KB)
C-6: Algorithm for Hospitalized Patients with Pneumonia View (44KB)
C-7: Algorithm for Management of Fever or Respiratory Symptoms View (40KB)
C-8: Personal Protective Equipment View (49KB)
C-9: Patient Room Entry/Exit View (21KB)
C-10: Respiratory Arrest/Code Blue Protocol View (20KB)
C-11: Transportation Checklist for Hospitalized Patients View (75KB)
C-12: Hospital Emergency Incident Command System Organizational Chart View (24KB)
Appendix D
D-1: 10-Day Isolation Order Template View (31KB)
D-2: 72-Hour Isolation Order Template View (32KB)
D-3: Quarantine Order Template View (27KB)
Appendix F
F-1: NC SLPH Virology Form DHHS 3431 View (106KB)
F-2: CDC Consent Form for SARS RT-PCR Testing External link (Page is archived and no longer being updated. Historical information only.) View External link
F-3: NC SLPH Serology Form DHHS 3445 View (109KB)
F-4: CDC Consent Form for SARS Serology Testing External link (Page is archived and no longer being updated. Historical information only.) View External link
Appendix G
G-1: DHHS PAO Crisis Communication Plan View (45KB)
Local Health Department Toolkit PDF
NC DPH SARS Clincial and Epidemiologic Guide View (57KB)
Isolation and Quarantine Guidance for Local Health Departments (includes isolation/quarantine order templates) View (63KB)