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HAI Prevention in North Carolina

In 2009, the North Carolina Joint Study Committee on Hospital Infection Control Disclosure recommended that North Carolina "implement a mandatory, state-operated, statewide hospital-acquired surveillance and reporting system… operating within the Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health (DPH)". In response, North Carolina developed a prevention plan, laws and requirements, educational resources and specific infection reduction goals. Learn more about State HAI Infrastructure and Advisory Group.

Key components of North Carolina's statewide healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) program are awareness, prevention and surveillance efforts, as well as coordination with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), local health departments, healthcare providers and other organizations.

In 2016, the HAI Program changed its name to the Surveillance for Healthcare-Associated Infections and Resistant Pathogens Patient Safety (SHARPPS) Program, which reflects the broader scope of work conducted on a daily basis. The SHARPPS Program conducts surveillance, provide guidance, education, and training, and assist with outbreak investigations relevant in all types of healthcare settings.

Current awareness and prevention programs include:

SHARPPS Newsletter

The SHARPPS Program issues newsletters on a quarterly basis to provide updates on activities and initiatives related to the reduction of healthcare-association infections in North Carolina. The newsletters also include updates on the NC One & Only Campaign, NC Get Smart Campaign, and the NC quarterly and annual HAI reports.

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